About US

We are a company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of chemicals for the textile and ceramic industry, with experience in over 50 years. Our company is prepared to meet any and all needs of our customers, through a differentiated service. Our facilities are located in Pedrouços, Maia, a property with an implementation area of 10 000 m2.
Since 1963 we work with a single objective, SATISFACTION OF OUR CLIENTS.




Buscamos innovar, innovar, innovar, generar ganancias mientras se mantiene un compromiso social, ya sea con empleados de la empresa o con los clientes, la honestidad y el respeto a las normas ambientales y de seguridad.
Innovar tenemos que dominar toda la cadena aguas arriba, y la calidad de una metodología de trabajo y una obsesión.
Trabajamos todos los días para lograr este objetivo, manteniendo un cohesivo, motivado e imbuido de estos principios.


Aquitex takes a commitment by formalizing it through policy, to build a sustainable leadership through continuous improvement, with the tools to high quality, innovation and dedication of employees, on the basis of focused growth in the evolution of different market segments and satisfaction of all relevant stakeholders. Aquitex aims to provide personalized service and effective solutions, based on an integrated system of quality, environment and safety as their support experience, sustainability and group leadership.
In this sense we are committed to:

  • Maintain a management system that ensures compliance with all applicable requirements (compliance obligations and others including industry legislation and regulations);
  • Continue with ongoing training, professional development and improvement of skills of all employees;
  • To continue to work for the increasing satisfaction of needs and future expectations of our customers;
  • Prevent, control and monitor the occurrence of accidents and incidents and prevention of health injuries and affections in order to improve working conditions and maintain high performance standards;
  • Minimize the environmental impacts of activities, using the constant demand for products that respect the environment, rational use of natural resources and pollution prevention thus ensuring a commitment to environmental protection and other relevant commitments for the organizational context;
  • Continue to promote the quality, environment, safety methodologies and work processes;
  • Continue the development and satisfaction of employees and other stakeholders (eg shareholders, customers, etc.);
  • Continuously improve the performance and effectiveness of the management system.
  • Promote the rational use of natural resources and the proper management of waste favoring the recovery.